Spirit Guide Reading

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  • 4 hours
  • 580 US dollars
  • Online session

Service Description

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: By booking, I will be connecting with your energy, and your Spirit Guides. I will reveal: 1. What Spirit Guide(s) chose to communicate with me during your session. 2. Ways that this Spirit Guide(s) may appear to you. 3. What your Spirit Guide(s) is currently assisting you with. 4. What your Spirit Guide(s) wants you to know right now. 5. How you can build a relationship with your Spirit Guide(s) during this Life. 6. What specific lessons you still have to learn in this Life experience. 7. How you can navigate your way through these specific lessons. 8. How these lessons will show up in your life, presently & in your future. 9. A personal channeled message to you from your Spirit Guides. 10. 2 specific questions you would like your Spirit Guides to answer. You will receive a beautifully constructed email (pdf) containing 11-50 pages or more of specific messages/information for you in regards to your Spirit Guides, all depending on how many messages + how many of them come forth to communicate with you. Our Spirit Guides consist of deceased loved ones, ancestors, archangels, higher dimensional beings, etc. During your session, I will connect to your energy, and invite your Spirit Guides to connect with me. I will not call upon any specific energy/person. I will simply be connecting with whomever wants to connect with me during that time. **Express delivery options at checkout.** **NOTICE: the email may be sent to your spam/junk folder. Please be sure to check those if you have not received your email within the scheduled timeframe.** Tarot By Kylin, LLC Service Disclaimer: By purchasing this service, you understand and fully agree to the following statements listed. You must be 18+ in order to receive a personal reading from Kylin. Tarot By Kylin, LLCs services are not a substitution for medical, legal or financial advice and/or opinions. The reading you receive from Kylin is subject to your own interpretation. You are fully responsible for your interpretations and your life choices. Due to legal requirements, we must say that our services are for entertainment purposes only. Kylin Leann Cockrum assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, her intuitive services. It is only with the complete understanding of the statements above that your personal reading will take place. -Tarot By Kylin, LLC Legal Team

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