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  • Career + Life Purpose Reading

    READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: During your session I will be connecting with your energy and open up direct communication with your Spirit Guides to reveal: 1. Your life purpose(s). 2. Your most favorable career choice(s). 3. What special skills/abilities you have whether they’re recognized or not. 4. How you will feel if you choose to follow the specific career recommendations. 5. How you can pursue this career. 6. How much abundance this career will bring you. 7. Obstacles that may occur while pursuing this career. 8. How you can avoid certain obstacles. 9. The most likely outcome for you with this specific occupation(s). 10. Channeled messages from your Spirit Guides that you need to hear right now. 11. Intuitive recommendations for you moving forward. **Express delivery options now available at checkout.** Tarot By Kylin, LLC Service Disclaimer: By purchasing this service, you understand and fully agree to the following statements listed. You must be 18+ in order to receive a personal reading from Kylin. Tarot By Kylin, LLCs services are not a substitution for medical, legal or financial advice and/or opinions. The reading you receive from Kylin is subject to your own interpretation. You are fully responsible for your interpretations and your life choices. Due to legal requirements, we must say that our services are for entertainment purposes only. Kylin Leann Cockrum assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, her intuitive services. It is only with the complete understanding of the statements above that your personal reading will take place. -Tarot By Kylin, LLC Legal Team

  • Future New Love Reading

    PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: I will be connecting with you, and your Spirit guides while taking a deeper look at + revealing: 1. The future new love coming towards you. 2. What they look like. 3. Their career. 4. What type of emotional state your new person holds. 5. Obstacles the two of you may face & need to overcome together. 6. What will help you avoid these obstacles. 7. Where you may meet them. 8. How you may meet them. 9. Timelines. Specific timeframe you may come into union with this new love. 10. Their zodiac sign. 11. Any personal blockages that are currently preventing you from finding/accepting new love into your life. 12. Channeled advice from your Spirit Guides that you need to hear right now. 13. Intuitive recommendations for you moving forward. **Express delivery options now available on your client booking form.** Tarot By Kylin, LLC Service Disclaimer: By purchasing this service, you understand and fully agree to the following statements listed. You must be 18+ in order to receive a personal reading from Kylin. Tarot By Kylin, LLCs services are not a substitution for medical, legal or financial advice and/or opinions. The reading you receive from Kylin is subject to your own interpretation. You are fully responsible for your interpretations and your life choices. Due to legal requirements, we must say that our services are for entertainment purposes only. Kylin Leann Cockrum assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, her intuitive services. It is only with the complete understanding of the statements above that your personal reading will take place. -Tarot By Kylin, LLC Legal Team

  • Current Love Reading

    PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING DETAILS BEFORE PURCHASING: Are you questioning something within your current relationship? Curious as to where things are headed between you two? Wondering if your partner feels the same way that you do?.. or if you’re wasting your time? If so, this is the best intuitive service for you. This intuitive service is specifically for those that are in current relationships. By purchasing a Current Love Reading, I will be connecting with you + your Spirit Guides, and your specific persons energy to reveal: 1. The current energy between you & your specific person. 2. Their current feelings towards you. 3. Their current intentions with you. 4. Their current doubts, and fears. 5. Outside interferences + anything that may be hidden. 6. How you can strengthen the relationship with your partner. 7. Any blockage(s) that may be causing stagnancy between you two. 8. What you can do to get rid of the blockage(s) moving forward. 9. The most likely outcome for the two of you, based on current energy. 10. 2 specific questions you’d like answered. Optional. 11. Channeled messages from your Spirit Guides that you need to hear. 12. Intuitive recommendations for you moving forward. **Express delivery options now available on your client booking form.** ***NOTICE: If you have more than one person (besides yourself) that you are wanting me to channel, you must book an additional reading. I will only channel 2 specific energies per session.*** Tarot By Kylin, LLC Service Disclaimer: By purchasing this service, you understand and fully agree to the following statements listed. You must be 18+ in order to receive a personal reading from Kylin. Tarot By Kylin, LLCs services are not a substitution for medical, legal or financial advice and/or opinions. The reading you receive from Kylin is subject to your own interpretation. You are fully responsible for your interpretations and your life choices. Due to legal requirements, we must say that our services are for entertainment purposes only. Kylin Leann Cockrum assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, her intuitive services. It is only with the complete understanding of the statements above that your personal reading will take place. -Tarot By Kylin, LLC Legal Team

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  • Home | Tarot By Kylin, LLC

    Welcome To Tarot By Kylin, LLC Meet Kylin Hello, my name is Kylin. I am a professional psychic with several years of experience. I have been providing all of my clients with unparalleled intuitive services for several years now. ​ See Client Reviews ​ My intuitive abilities include: Clairvoyance: this is the ability to see the invisible. Claircognizance: this is the ability of simply knowing the past, present and future. Clairaudience: this is the ability of hearing the invisible. Clairempathy: this is the ability to feel others emotions. Clairsentience: this is the ability to feel physical sensations from the invisible. ​ With my intuitive awareness, I am able to connect to your Spirit guides, higher self, guardian Angels, various higher spiritual beings, and dimensions well beyond our Earthly physical realm. Growing up, I discovered that I could intuitively sense messages and vibrations from others. I have always had the ability to sense events before they occur. I would watch several of my visions and predictions unfold within days, weeks, months and years. My mother recalls me showing signs of clairvoyance at just the young age of 3. I became fully aware of my intuitive abilities at the age of 18. When I was 19 years old, I made the decision to utilize my intuitive awareness in a way to help assist other souls while on their journey and I am proud to say that I have been guiding and assisting beautiful souls ever since. ​ I deliver every channeled message with love, light, and compassion. I am also always sure to remind, and fully encourage my clients to stand in their power, make their own decisions, and choose their own life path. I am only here to help guide you while embarking on your souls journey, or help lead you towards your chosen path. Together, we will take a deeper look at your current situation, and uncover the truth including what you may be missing, and/or avoiding altogether. I will provide you with the clarity, insights, honest answers and guidance for moving forward that you’re currently seeking. I am willing, and able to take an in-depth look into any situation where you are concerned. No matter where you may be in your journey whether it be love, career, life purpose, or anything else that is weighing on your mind. ​ With me, there are no tricks or gimmicks. I strive for full transparency with each client that I connect with. You can fully confide in me. I will never judge you. I will always keep our sessions along with any information you provide me with, 100% private and confidential. I am a very straight forward intuitive guide. I promise to provide you with the absolute truth in what comes forth to be given to you. It may not be what you want to hear but I can assure you it is what you need to hear. I look forward to connecting with you. ​ “I fully encourage you to use your intuition when deciding whether you are ready to connect with me. You will feel it in your heart space if the timing is right. Please do not book an intuitive service with me if you are hesitant. You are always welcome to return to my website when/if you become ready to connect. Thank you.” -Kylin Book A Personal Reading About Our Crystal Shop Kylin found her passion to become a crystal retailer after she spent time personally working with several different crystals, and noticing how they positively improved the quality of her life. Throughout the years, Kylin has been amazed with what she has experienced. In fact, Kylin says her favorite thing about crystals is how much they can aid each of us in our every day life with their specific, unique vibrations along with the metaphysical properties that each one carries. “There is at least one crystal out there for everybody!” - Kylin When it comes to Tarot By Kylin LLC, our main goal is to sell each of our customers high quality crystals, rocks, minerals, and jewelries all within a reasonable price range. Kylin also creates various aid kits that contain specific crystals that she has personally worked with and/or witnessed several of her clients work with. Kylins crystal kits are created to help others while on their souls journey, as well as teach the various crystal properties. Each of the crystals in our shop are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We only conduct business with one saler, and they only mine high quality crystals which is our top priority, and how we are able to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. ​ Every item purchased from our shop is cleansed prior to shipping using sage and/or sound frequencies. Tarot By Kylin LLC Policies, Ethics, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions Client Reviews Leave A Review “I always have hesitations when it comes to getting a reading by anybody so I always take everything a “psychic” says lightly never too serious but I always find readings fun to get especially when some of the readings have a little bit of accuracy but the reading I just got from Kylin may have just actually changed my whole outlook on personal readings and actual psychics in general. Her accuracy and the helpful information she gave to me during my reading has left me in shock. All she needed was a photo of me with my eyes visible in it and she read right into my issues. I can’t wait to get another one from her in the future. I loved how honest she was with me because I’m not a person who appreciates beating around the bush. I appreciate my reading and the experience i was given. Not to mention she has a warm and welcoming personality. I felt like I was talking to my bestfriend. Thank you for everything.” -Allie C. “Highly recommend getting a reading from kylin it’s a life changing experience. Best psychic I’ve ever had and I will never go to any one else ever again! The connection isn’t the same. She takes the time to explain everything to you. She validated everything I was feeling and helped me move forward where I felt I couldn’t. Now I see why all these people took their time out to actually write reviews for her gift lol. You are amazing Kylin. Thank you for helping me and giving me the confidence to move forward knowing my ancestors are walking with me! I can’t wait til my next reading with you.” -Mariella Rodriguez “I had a personal reading with Kylin over a year ago. I scrolled across a random video she had posted and I felt drawn to her energy and the authenticity she emits. I’m writing this review because I actually came across one of her new TikTok videos and remembered that I never left her a review back then because my schedule is hectic and time gets away from me easily. Better late than never. I will say that the reading I received from Kylin a year ago was powerful enough to guide me out of the slump I was currently in and give me a new perspective that I couldn’t see at the time. I also want to mention that I have an extremely busy schedule since I am on the road performing several months out of the year but Kylin went out of her way to ensure that I received a personal reading when I had the free time. She worked around my schedule. I appreciated the way she thoroughly explained every card to me and every download she received for me. I apologize for the late review Kylin. You are an amazing guide. Much love to you.” -Anonymous “I originally booked an hour and a half reading with her but I received a 2 hour reading from her. Everything she told me was confirming for me. I love her broad spectrum of thoughts and that she didn’t impose judgement on me when channeling specific questions i had asked. Kylin gave me several options from my guides and advised me to choose what i thought was best for me. That was the best part. It was nice to have an insight on how I can improve my situation and myself and become a better version of myself. I was able to catch up on much needed rest after my reading with her. Kylin is caring and patient. I would highly recommend her not just because of how great she is at reading tarot cards but also because of the way she explains things to you and nurtures you through your reading. It felt like I was in the coolest therapy session I ever had before lol if that makes sense. Thank you kylin I loved my reading and I look forward to more in the future.” -Aubrie “Kylin has become online guru. I refused to go to any other reader after my first reading with her. I have been through several ups and downs the last 2 months and she has guided me all throughout them. The connection I have developed with Kylin is unlike any other. I feel as though she is my best friend and we have never once met in person. Thank you for everything you have helped me through Kylin. I am grateful for your help.” -T.S. “The way I even heard of Kylin I knew she was really good. My spirits placed her bf in my life so she can be my psychic and really feel comfortable to start my spiritual journey and really just trust my spirits and jus take it one day at a time. Being able to talk to my spirits and really KNOW they are there jus makes me feel so much more better about myself and life and that everything is going to be okay if I let them support me and guide me thru life. I really am glad I got a reading by Kylin because it really has been changing my life, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” -Julianna “I purchased a honey calcite pyramid from Kylin’s shop for my 14 year old daughter who struggles with low self esteem. She told she felt better just a couple days after placing it in her bedroom. The crystal itself is stunning. My daughter loves that it has little flakes in it that almost look like glitter. I decided to order 2 more pyramids after seeing how it helped my daughter. Fast shipping. Great quality crystals. Can’t wait to put one on my desk at work. The other is going right on my bathroom counter!” -Leah Thompson “I had my first reading today with Kylin. I was very happy with my reading, she told me everything I already knew with more insight to what I was not seeing. She knew nothing but my name and my person’s name. She is very honest and tells you exactly what she sees not what I wanted to hear. I never cried so much hearing the truth. I would recommend her to everyone who is truly interested in a real tarot reading.” -ANNIE GAMBA “I have always found it difficult to find a authentic psychic but after meeting Kylin I can say that she is real. From her high level of accuracy to her great ability to explain things in a way that you understand them. I highly recommend getting a psychic reading by her. Thank you for assisting me during a dark time Kylin.” -Cathy W “I AM WRITING THIS REVIEW EXACTLY 1 MONTH AFTER GETTING MY PERSONAL READING FROM KYLIN. IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT GETTING A READING FROM KYLIN LET THIS BE YOUR CONFIRMATION! KYLIN IS AS A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E. AS THEY COME! I AM MIND BLOWN BY HOW SPOT ON SHE WAS ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP AND HER INTUITIVE PREDICTION CAME TRUE 1 MONTH LATER! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KYLIN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ALL WHO COME IN CONTACT WITH YOU! I WILL RETURN BACK TO YOU WHEN I NEED GUIDANCE AGAIN! THANK YOU AGAIN!” -Nicole L “I have been to other readers in the past and Kylin has been by far the best experience I’ve ever had. She was patient and extremely accurate. I highly recommend her services. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you Kylin!” -Monica “Kylin is absolutely amazing! This is my second reading and I always leave with answers and a better understanding of myself. I can’t wait for my next reading.” -Latonya “Thank you for my reading and it seems like she’s pretty accurate! I would recommend getting a reading from her.” -Amber “hello! Here again to write another amazing review for kylin. And there will be more definitely. I cannot even say how many readings I have had with Kylin as I just keep coming back. It is like talking to a best friend or close relative i enjoy it so much. Kylin whether it is sending your reading through email, or YouTube provides so much information and detail it is unreal. You will never regret a reading from her.. Hear from you soon kylin <3” -Zoraida Ramos “I highly recommend getting a reading she is very accurate with her predictions and tells you how it is even when she knows it’s something your not going to what to hear. I truly appreciate the honesty. Definitely will continue getting a reading from her again. Thank you.” -Melissa G “Kylin is amazing! She confirmed things for me that I had my doubts, suspicions on. I am a very intuitive person myself so to hear her channeled confirmations through spirit is nothing short of a blessing. She provided me with a one hour video of my situation and messages I needed to hear. EVERYTHING resonated with me, literally everything. She is a genuine and the real thing. Book with her, she is great. Thank you Kylin!” -A.K. “This is my third reading I believe with Kylin and I enjoy it as always. She always gives me guidance when I seek it and it helps me so Much I can not explain how much. She is probably one of the most sincere People I know and I feel so much better whenever I speak with her or whenever I get a reading. Thank you so much truly.” -Zoraida Ramos “Wow Kylin, you surprise me every time with your readings cos it’s so accurate and to the point. I can’t thank you enough for all good advices that you gave me and for all positive future predictions coming which is really exciting and keeps me motivated. So wanna say huge thank you for your precious work and best of luck” -Edita “This was my first time getting my cards read and kylin was really fantastic and crazy accurate. She explained the cards in a way that I understood even for someone who really knew nothing about them. She also engaged with me on a personal level by adding in examples from her personal journey that helped me feel less alone on mine. I paid for an hour reading with hesitancy because of the price but it was worth it surprise surprise and it also only felt like a 30 minute reading because time flew by so fast. If it is your first time, I would recommend going for the hour session to fully grasp and understand everything. I am elated to have come across someone so gifted. Thank you so much Kylin.” -Shelby H “Reconnected with Kylin again since I feel my energy has been all over the place lately and I couldn’t find my center. I am extremely happy with how my session went with kylin. I had a reading with her months ago and she was accurate then too. I went to a few different psychics and felt like i was scammed out of money. Kylin is the only spiritual person i will ever trust with my money and my energy. During my session Kylin took the time to carefully explain every card that jumped out, all the intuitive messages she was receiving from my guides, and why I have been feeling the way I have been feeling. What i thought was going to be an hour reading turned into an hour and 45 minutes worth of genuine empathy, accuracy, sincerity, a lot of enlightenment and encouragement as well. I have always felt like I’m talking to a long lost best friend ever since i had my first session with Kylin last May. Kylin definitely helped lift a huge weight off of my shoulders as well as helping me reconnect with my center. Thank you Kylin for treating me like a friend and always being here for me. Sending all my love to you.” -Haley Nelson “I highly recommend getting a reading from Kylin. She helped articulate what the cards portrayed and gave excellent advice that was accurate for me and my situation at hand. She also gave my partner a reading which was insightful and just as accurate as mine was. My husband was also a nonbeliever and even considered tarot readings to be “witch craft” but ever since our readings with Kylin he has become open to my beliefs in spirituality and has even purchased me 4 books so that I can learn to practice Tarot just like Kylin does! I am grateful for you kylin and i will stay in touch with you.” -Jody S “This was my first Tarot reading and it was quite amazing. I was really unsure how this would work with me in Britain and Kylin in the US but it worked out very well. Kylin is fantastic! My personal reading was accurate and I told her the cards seem to know me so well and I love Kylin’s energy. She gave me exactly what I needed to move forward. The messages she gave me were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. She was also very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but she guided me in the right direction. The information Kylin gave to me was very accurate. I already booked another reading to focus on another area of my life. Thanks Kylin!” -EM "Me being someone who gets readings often by multiple readers knows a fake from a real reader. Kylin is the real deal! My reading was worth every dollar I spent. She even follows up with me and makes sure that I am ok. That is something that no other reader has done for me before. My cousin even booked her first ever tarot reading with Kylin after she watched mine. You are gifted Kylin and I am grateful for your willingness to share your gifts with the world." -Lola Ramirez “I don’t know where to start but i purchased a Supreme crystal mystery box and I am absolutely blow away by what I received. I received a ginormous tower and over 20 other crystals that are superb quality and I showed my sister in law who lives in Arizona and she immediately put in her order for a supreme box and she said her roommate is buying one as well. We love Kylin’s shop and what we receive from her. I have purchased crystal bracelets from her before and they have always been nice quality too. You have another happy customer here and you have never let me down! So happy to see what future product is coming and ready to purchase another box soon!” -Rochelle M “I received my 2nd email reading from Kylin 1 week and a half ago and once again she did not let me down and she never has. My sister and I both have an addiction when it comes to going to Kylin when we need answers. Most recently she predicted my ex husband and I having a conversation in regards to our children and custody stuff. It happened a week later so here I am of course to write another review to let everyone know how amazing kylin truly is!” -Allison “Great first time tarot reading experience. Her tarot reading of the situation i am currently in was right on. She also taught me a few tools to help me with my manifestations.” -Matthew “Kylin is an excellent psychic and healer. 100% recommended! She has always predicted things accurately for me. I can’t wait for our next reading together. Thank you for everything Kylin!” -Sean “I love Kylin’s readings because she is honest with me and accurate with her predictions. I have went to 4 different psychics and Kylin is the only psychic I have returned to and she is the only one I trust now. If your thinking about booking with her, I assure you she does not disappoint! Thank you for always being honest with me and not taking advantage of me.” -Pamela “Very informative. Lots of great advice and information. Highly recommend and I would definitely choose to read with Kylin again! Thank you so much!!” -Jean “This is my second reading with KYLIN Unfortunately I did not win the golden ticket for the Valentines package but I did receive a second reading due to her promotion and it was amazing and extremely accurate I always enjoy these readings she is very intuitive and you can feel that she is a genuine person I will continue to go to her and seek guidance thank you so much<3” -Zoraida “My reading from Kylin was spot on. I don’t fully trust myself in the moment. However her reading resonated so deeply with myself and my current situation. I personally recommend you invest if you are unsure or just need a little guidance to help you move forward! I am pretty blunt so I was drawn to Kylin due to her nature of being blunt in her TT videos! I absolutely appreciate the honesty. Thank you Kylin for your gift, and your time and energy for doing this for me today!” -Jenn “So happy to see you add email readings to your service list! I received an amazing reading as always. I can’t wait to book my next one!” -G “I have had multiple tarot readings via email by several clairvoyant readers but NONE of the emails looked as aesthetically pleasing like Kylin’s does and not to mention how in depth she went. Over 6 pages full of much needed clarity and reassurance. Kylin you are a gem to this planet. Thank you for helping me during this uncertain time.” -Allison “Kylin is the best reader I have ever been read by. She told me exactly when my ex would reach out to me and I did exactly what she told me to do and then he called me restricted on the exact day she said he would!!!! I am still in complete shock as I write this review. I will continue following all of your guidance Kylin! Thank you so much!!” -Felicity “I was amazed with Kylin. I had a tarot card reading in the past, like years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous, excited, but mostly wanted some clarification on changes that are happening in my life. She offered a mini flash reading(hope that’s right). It was a pre recording reading of things I just needed closure on. I was in tears, she made me feel comfortable, she made me feel sure, confident, and I could not believe some of the things she mentioned. She had no idea about me. Her energy was beautiful. Like I said, I was in tears. I can’t thank her enough. For so much she shared with me. And how I can go about working on some of the things we talked about. I definitely highly recommend her. I am excited to continue to work with her. She is pleasant, followed up, caring, she’s a beautiful person. Her gift was meant for her to help people like myself and so much more. Thank you again Kylin. I will be calling you soon.” -Claudia V “I would like to say that I related to my Reading so much I even geared up. Her voice was so calming and sweet. She put so much in perspective for me and I appreciate it so much. Speaking to someone who really cares from the heart as I do changes everything. Thank you so much Kylin” -Zoraida “I was so shocked she was amazing the reading I love how she would give me tips on things to clean up negative energy was really helpful <3” -Reyna "Kylin is great at what she does. She helped me connect with my inner child. I always look forward to our weekly call." -Emma "Kylin brought me comfort during a hard time in my life if not the hardest time of my life. I appreciate you holding my hand and walking me through this Kylin! If you're lost and seeking guidance then she is the spiritualist for you." -JS "I'm leaving a review about the september spiritual kit. I love mine and all the goodies inside of it. I learned about everything that came in my kit because of the information cards she puts in there. I am excited for Octobers box! Kylin please consider doing a mystery box with different crystals or essential oil candles please!" -Laytone "It is 2 AM right now and kylin had 4 different predictions come through on my reading a month ago so well I am coming back to leave a review after every prediction she made actually happened! you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!" -Tora “I just received my deluxe and regular supersized scoops, and all I can say is WOW. I am so impressed with the quality and the amount of product that I received in each. The stones were huge no camera tricks here you definitely get what you pay for” -Rick "Wow!!! Kylin thank you so much for your professionalism, guidance, and insight. This was truly the best personal reading I've ever experienced. Worth the wait. The details have me super excited and you have a forever client. Xoxoxo" -Natasha "Another awesome session with kylin. All I can say is that I would rather talk to Kylin than go talk to a therapist because you get a friend and messages from spirit all at once. Love you girl!" -Jocelyn "Kylin is a wonderful young lady. I came to her in a desperate time of need and she brought me immediate peace. Thank you for sharing your gifts me with me and everyone else Kylin you are amazing." -JX "I purchased black tourmaline, rose quartz and citrine from Kylins shop. I love all 3 of them and I wear them together everyday! I can't wait for new launches!" -Leah "You are the only reader that I trust! I have never felt more called to someone that I have never met before." -Cici "loving my black tourmaline bracelet." -Tamariya "Thank you for my reading Kylin! Everything you said was accurate!" -Lakyn "I had my first Intuitive Guidance session with Miss Kylin today, and all I can say is wow. I am a woman who has attended countless therapy sessions and never felt quite right during any of them. My session with Kylin was more than I expected! I got off of the phone feeling reassured and filled with so much peace of mind. Sweet Kylin, my friend, you are gifted. Your soul is as pure as they come. I know a review is typically supposed to be short and sweet but I could go on and on about how our session was for me. Thank you for everything you did. I can't wait until 2 weeks!" Amanda Durand "I purchased a black tourmaline bracelet and i was so happy with my purchase that i purchased 1 more for my husband not even a week later ! I couldn't be more impressed with the quality of our bracelets. Thank you kylin!" -Taylar "GREAT EXPERIENCE! Kylin has a warm and caring soul. I will be back." -Mackenzie W "Kylin is an excellent tarot reader and healer. Highly recommended!" -Maxwell "I have no words to express my gratitude to Kylin for providing such an extensive reading I expected a 45 minute reading from her and receive an hour and a half reading! Her guidance is remarkable. Kylin you are so gifted!" -Tabitha "I got all of my answers with clarity. She will help you improve yourself, your goals and your life path." -Kristen "Fantastic experience. A lot of my questions were answered and then some! I highly recommend. Thank you!" -P G "I received my second reading by Kylin, and once again I was blown away. Everything she said was spot on, she told me what I needed to hear without sugar coating anything. I highly recommend Kylin, I know I'll be a returning customer. Thanks Kylin!" -MaryJane "Highly recommend her she's a blessing!" -Ria "For starters, I am a tarot reader also. Let me also mention that I have had intuitive readings done by several other readers before. I felt drawn to Kylin ever since I first saw a TikTok video of hers on my for you page. I instantly knew I had to book a reading with her. Mind blown is an understatement. I am still speechless from our session together. I could go on forever but I'll end it with this next statement. If you're looking for an honest, accurate professional tarot reader then I highly recommend booking a reading with Kylin. She does not disappoint! Kylin is in my top 3 when it comes to fantastic clairvoyants.You are so gifted Kylin! Thank you for sharing your light. Sending you love and light. xoxoxo" -Sierra "This was my first time ever receiving a tarot card reading it was a birthday gift for myself. As soon as I began talking to Kylin, she started to read "me", and what she said about me was not wrong! As she correctly says about herself, she does indeed receive the answers you seek. Kylin, don't ever stop doing what you do. Bless you!" -Barbara "kylin. thank you. thank you. thank you so much. for giving me positive guidance and answer all my questions. it was really a great experience i had with you. your channeled messages about people and circumstances around me confirmed what i felt the whole time. thank you so much for showing me the right path and guiding me towards my bright future." -Isabelle "I love my reading! Kylin is a great listener, an awesome channeler and you can tell that she put her heart into the session which made for a great safe, healing space. To simply say thank you, isn't enough! I'll be back soon. :)" -Whit "This was my first tarot card reading and it was more than I expected. I have never felt understood by someone like this in my entire life it's like she knew me for years. I can't explain how enlightened I feel after my reading with her. She also explained everything to me in a clear manner and she used great examples from my everyday life to help me better understand spirituality." -Timothy "Incredible!!! Kylin helped me so much. She has a true gift. I will come to her again in the future." -E "I received a mini twenty minute pre-recorded reading, and I was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading. Kylin confirmed what I had been feeling, and clarified what I was confused about. I will definitely be booking another reading in the not so distant future. Thanks Kylin!!" -MaryJane "It was everything I needed to hear, I asked about my worst fears & was given the truth. Self-sabotage is so real. She has real love & light to share, a true healer. I feel as though I have a second chance at my life." -Nicole "I had my first