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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Questions Am I Allowed To Ask Kylin?

You are allowed to ask Kylin anything that you prefer aside from questions regarding health, pregnancy and legal issues. Kylin believes it is unethical to channel for those topics in specific. However, if a message in regards to health, pregnancy or legal issues is received during a download, Kylin will always give the message(s) to you.

Are Readings More Accurate In Person Than Phone Call, Email or Video Recorded Readings?

Kylin compares the way that she channels Spirit to a radio frequency. Because of the way and strength at which Kylin channels Spirit, every intuitive service option offered is of the highest accuracy. Whether in person, on the phone, or submitting a photo for Kylin to channel, it is an exchange of energy between Kylin, Spirit, and the client. The client does not need to physically be present around Kylin to receive an accurate personal reading. 

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